Tuesday, February 6, 2018

This shows Beers' and Jackson's positions in the garage. Jackson has always claimed that he had his foot up on the bumper of the car,  but how does one have his foot up on the bumper of a moving car?

Beers, on the right, was taken from an elevation, supposedly because Beers was standing on a ladder. But, they brought a ladder? A guy was going to be walked 30 feet to a car, and they brought a ladder for that? 

Let's look at Ike Pappas. In Jackson on the left, he is practically missing. I suppose that the elbow beneath Blackie's armpit is supposed to be him, Pappas, but why would Pappas be so far away in Jackson when he was in so close in Beers? The difference in time, we're told, was .6 second, and you can't tell me Pappas could move that far in .6 second. And where is the film evidence that he was moving at all? And why is the color (in greyscale) of his trench coat so much darker in Jackson? 

I checked the KRLD footage, and you see Pappas walking in just a moment before.

He gets in line with the others.

But after that, he disappears from view, and you don't see him again. So, he apparently reacted by pulling way back. 

We never see him again, and I don't know where Pappas went. Here he is in NBC1.

So, that's the reality of what the arrangement was in the garage: Pappas was well in front of Harrison. After this frame, the film goes into chaos, blur, and noise. Supposedly, the cameraman was changing the lens. And we never see Pappas again. But, we do have this. 

So, how can what we see in the Jackson photo be true?

That's ridiculous. This was after the shot. You can see Tom Petit still standing there with his microphone, not reacting at all to the gun blast, which he's already heard. No startle. And Pappas is presumably the guy between Petit and Harrison, who is barely seen, but he appears to be holding his microphone similar to Petit. But, how could he if there was a gun blast? You would think that a loud burst of gunfire would startle the shit out of him. But, he's just standing there; Petit is just standing there; Lowery is just standing there, clasping his hands like a Jehovah's Witness, while Blackie puffs away on his cigar. And remember too that besides the gun blast, Oswald screamed. You hear it very well in the WFAA film. Oswald makes 4 distinct groans. So, they've all heard at least one of his groans. And yet, they don't react. The cop behind Oswald is staring straight ahead like a zombie. And they gave this piece of shit the Pulitzer Prize. 

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