Monday, February 5, 2018

This is an article from 2010 by Michael Granberry celebrating the two iconic photographs from the Oswald killing, that of Jack Beers and Robert Jackson. Featured in the article is the Beers photo.

 But, I tell you that it is a bizarre thing that that photo is passed along as real. Because: how could "Ruby" be where he is doing what he is doing while no one is aware of him and reacting to him? And when I say no one, I mean not one person in the picture. It's almost as though "Ruby" wasn't there. So, let's take him out: 
Do you see what I mean? When you take "Ruby" out of it, the plausibility of the picture isn't reduced; rather, it is enhanced. It's much more plausible with him not in it. How could Graves of all people not be aware of "Ruby"?
And, in case you think Detective Lowery on the left is looking at "Ruby", how could he be when he's still standing there, utterly stationary, clasping his hands in front of his body like a Jehovah's Witness at the door? If he had any awareness of seeing "Ruby" wouldn't he have reacted? Such as letting go of his hands to take action? And yet, it does seem that he is looking in "Ruby's" direction. Well, I propose that he saw him; knew that he wasn't Jack Ruby; knew exactly who he was, James Bookhout; and what this was all about.  And remember that "Ruby" was moving. He was a moving object in the visual fields of all these people. And, the way your vision works is that moving objects automatically garner recognition. It goes back to the days that predators were out to eat us. It is simply impossible for so many people to have been oblivious to "Ruby". He was not invisible. Yet, he might as well have been for what this picture is telling us. 

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