Sunday, February 11, 2018

Read this testimony by Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce:

Mr. HUBERT. Did you, yourself, do any of the inspection work, or the searching out work?
Lt. PIERCE. No, sir; Sergeant Dean made the assignment of the men, and approximately an hour later, I guess maybe 10:15.

So, Sergeant Dean must have assigned Roy Vaughan to guard the Main Street ramp. But, look at the time: 10:15. The transfer was scheduled for 10, so how could they wait until 10:15 to search and inspect? 

Reportedly, Fritz and some of his men, plus some feds, plus Postal Inspector Harry Holmes were sequestered in Fritz' office interrogating Oswald- again. What the hell could they have been interrogating him about at that point? They had already interrogated him for 12 hours. But, nobody knew what time they were going to finish. It started at 9:30. If it went the usual hour, they would have been done at 10:30. So, how could they wait until 10:15 to secure the basement? I'll tell you why: IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAD TO REMOVE THE REAL JACK RUBY FROM THE SCENE BEFORE THEY DID IT. THEY WERE WAITING ON HIM, NOT THAT HE KNEW IT.

Mr. HUBERT. When you got to the top of the basement, were there any guards there on the Main Street entrance?
Lieutenant PIERCE. Patrolman Vaughn was stationed at the top of the ramp.
Mr. HUBERT. YOU knew him prior to that time?
Lieutenant PIERCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. What happened then?
Lieutenant PIERCE. Well, actually, nothing happened outside of the fact that he had to move out of the way to let us out.
Mr. HUBERT. Which way did he move?
Lieutenant PIERCE. He moved toward the street.
Mr. HUBERT. I mean on which side of you?
Lieutenant PIERCE. He moved to my right.
Mr. HUBERT. And toward the street?
Lieutenant PIERCE. And towards the street; yes, sir.

Mr. HUBERT. What way was he facing then during the period that you were moving by him? 
Lieutenant PIERCE. He was facing me, as well as I remember.
Mr. HUBERT. That is---
Lieutenant PIERCE. Momentarily, anyway.
Mr. HUBERT. In fact, he would have been looking from where he was standing toward the Main Street entrance?
Lieutenant PIERCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. HUBERT. Did you see him turn his head any at all?
Lieutenant PIERCE. No, sir; I couldn't see him for just a matter of a second there when I pulled out. That ramp is steep and a little bit difficult to get out there.
Mr. HUBERT. Did he step out in the street at all?
Lieutenant PIERCE. Not to my knowledge. 

So, Pierce too never claimed that he stopped at the head of the ramp and that Vaughan leaned in to talk to him. Never happened. And he said that Vaughan moved to his (Pierce's) right which would mean towards Pearl Street. But, Ruby was coming from Harwood, and he said that the officer leaned in to talk to Pierce with his back to him. So, that officer must have been on the Harwood side. And it makes sense. It was earlier, and Pierce stopped at the head of the ramp because he was waiting to make sure Ruby went down the ramp. The officer on foot had his back to Ruby because if he was facing Ruby, then how could he deny seeing Ruby? Also, Ruby would have seen his face. I can just imagine the conversation:

Pierce: "Alright, here he comes. He's right behind you. Don't turn around." (Pierce starts looking in his rear view mirror) "Alright, he's going down the ramp." (Commotion at the bottom of the ramp; Ruby gets swifted away) 

Then, Pierce may have just backed down the ramp and parked the car, as haste was made for the televised spectacle. And, we know that garage was cleared of reporters and everybody, including Dr. Bieberdorf, at 9:45. They were cleared out so that the apprehension of Jack Ruby could take place with only insiders present. And afterwards, reporters were let back in. And, we have that from multiple witnesses. I suspect that Ruby was at Western Union a little after 10:00, and it was close to 10:15 that the snatching of him took place. The claim that he went to Dealey Plaza to see the wreaths was probably a lie- just to fill in the time. Ruby definitely did that on Saturday, so why would he do it again on Sunday? He didn't live that far away, so if he went directly from his apartment to Western Union, he could have left at 9:45. He said he got up early that morning. So, he had plenty of time to eat breakfast and read the newspaper (in which his copy had a mysterious "Dear Carolyn" letter which wasn't really published because if it was, we'd have it). And besides taking twice his usual dose of amphetamines, he took 5 or 6 other pills. What were they? How did he come to take them? Did somebody put him up to taking them? Did he even know what they were? Karen Carlin would have had to call earlier than claimed, more like 9 or 9:15. And in her testimony, she sounded nervous in citing the time of the call.  


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