Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Barry Irvin Ralph please explain to me Oswald’s steps from the last shot at JFK to his arrest at the Texas Theater .

Ralph CinqueGroup Admin Barry, I wish I could. But, they never told us what he said about how he got to the theater. He left the TSBD on foot, walked down Elm Street for several blocks. Then he got on the bus and rode it just a couple blocks; then changed his mind and got off since the traffic was snarled. He walked to the bus depot and took a taxi home, going past his house and walking back several blocks. He got there a minute or two before 1 PM and left shortly after 1, like 1:02. And all we know after that is that he wound up at the Texas Theater by 1:07. Butch Burroughs, the concessionaire in the theater, said he saw Oswald as early as 1:07. There is no basis to claim that Oswald walked there because he could not have covered the one mile in 5 minutes. So, he must have been driven. But, by whom? I presume Oswald told them how he got to the theater, but nobody reported it. Therefore, I presume that whatever he told them about it was extremely exonerating. For instance, what if he told them that a cop drove him? I could understand why they wouldn't report it. The fact is that investigators never told us Oswald's alibi for the Tippit murder or how he got to the theater. He denied killing Tippitt, and I presume he denied ever being at 10th and Patton. Therefore, where did he say he was? Surely he told them. He had no reason not to. But, they never told us, and nobody called them on it. It is a glaring hole in the record.

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