Friday, February 9, 2018

That narrow corridor where "Ruby" was standing was within the PD and probably the 3rd floor. A short while later, you hear Jane Pauley say, and I am quoting:

"Late Saturday night, Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry instructed journalists to return the following morning to witness Oswald's transfer to the County Jail. Exhausted as they were, reporters knew that this was still a volatile, breaking story."

It's the same place where we saw Ruby.

This was not the Midnight Press Conference. It's the 3rd floor corridor on Saturday evening, and no one has ever claimed that Jack Ruby was there then. 

And then, from the same corridor, Jesse Curry tells reporters:

"If you men will be here by, no later than 10:00 in the morning, that will be early enough for you."  

What we are seeing here- the whole thing- is from late Saturday night. It is not from the Midnight Press Conference on Friday night. And again: nobody ever claimed that Jack Ruby was there then. 

It is simply a lie that this man, standing next to someone who is reading the Saturday paper, is Jack Ruby.

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