Monday, February 12, 2018

Amy Joyce found this FBI statement in which it says that Francois Pelou, the French reporter, claims to have seen Jack Ruby distributing sandwiches at the DPD on Saturday afternoon.

That is ridiculous because it was on Friday night that Ruby went to the DPD to distribute sandwiches to the detectives, and since they weren't interested, he settled for giving them to a news crew. There is NO CHANCE that Ruby was passing out sandwiches on Saturday afternoon. But, this is probably Saturday afternoon since it shows a guy reading the Saturday edition of the Dallas Morning News.

And remember that it's from a film, and in the film, you do see Pelou walk past this guy and glance at him. Of course, there were no sandwiches involved, so that was flat-out wrong. And the guy is not Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was not there on Saturday afternoon. 

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