Saturday, February 3, 2018

Oh My God! This is so big, what Amy Joyce has done; what she has discovered. For months, we have been saying that the Jack Ruby at the DPD on Friday afternoon wasn't him. Now, Amy has proven it beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt. That's because there is a man standing next to him in the picture who is reading a copy of the Saturday Dallas Morning News. SATURDAY! Do you understand? Do you get it? It means it wasn't even taken on Friday. And there are no claims, by anybody, that Jack Ruby went to the DPD on Saturday. And it means that that guy can't possibly be Jack Ruby.

So, there's the guy purported to be Jack Ruby, and it's the most famous image. And next to him is the guy reading the newspaper, which is the Dallas Morning News from Saturday, November 23.

Do you see that it says Saturday, November 23 at the top of the paper? So, that's when the photo was taken, and neither Jack Ruby, nor anyone else has ever claimed that he was at the DPD on Saturday. So, that guy wasn't Jack Ruby. Yet, he looks quite similar to Jack Ruby, which means that they had a Jack Ruby lookalike at the DPD on Saturday. BUT, HOW COULD THERE BE A JACK RUBY LOOKALIKE? That doesn't just happen. It means that a Jack Ruby lookalike existed BEFORE Oswald was shot. It means that: BEFORE OSWALD WAS SHOT, THEY WERE ALREADY FRAMING JACK RUBY. So, what does that tell you? It should tell you that he was framed for shooting Oswald, that he was their patsy. And the very existence of a double tells you that it was in the works for a very long time. How long does it take to come up with a double? It really is ludicrous to think that, after all that, Ruby just conjured up the idea of shooting Oswald. And for those that think that others put Ruby up to shooting Oswald, like the CIA, how could they be sure he'd do it? When did they speak to him about it? Not before Kennedy was killed, right? They didn't tell him, "After we kill Kennedy, it will be up to you to kill Oswald" did they? And if it was after the assassination, when? Because of his time and whereabouts and associations after the assassination, between 11/22 and 11/24 are totally documented, with no gaps or holes. And, how could they go to the trouble of creating a double for him with no certainty that even with threats he'd go through with it? It's way too much trouble to go to on the hope that if threatened he would kill Oswald- especially since Ruby never killed anyone before. The fact that they were equipped with a Ruby double on Saturday November 23 should tell you that that the whole story of Ruby shooting Oswald is a lie, that those who arranged for that double to be there were behind Oswald's death- not Jack Ruby.  

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