Friday, February 23, 2018

I want to stay on this point about LBJ's lackey, Cliff Carter, confiscating John Connally's clothes from Parkland Hospital. There are only two possibilities: either the clothes were evidence in the case or they were just Connally's clothes. If they were just Connally's clothes, then LBJ had no business confiscating them. Why would one man confiscate another man's clothes? But, if they were evidence in the case, he also had no business confiscating them. Neither as Vice President nor as President did he have any jurisdiction in a criminal investigation. He had no right to take possession of any evidence whatsoever. He was not police. He was not FBI. And, as we've often been told, shooting and killing the President was not a federal crime in 1963, and shooting the governor of Texas is not a federal crime even today. So, there was no legal basis, by the wildest stretch, for Cliff Carter to do what he did.

The reason for taking the clothes was in case they conflicted with the official story- and remember that it wasn't fleshed out yet, and wouldn't be for months. However, what this implies is that LBJ not only sought to control the investigation from the start, but had a vested interest in the result. It shows that there is NO CHANCE that LBJ was just an unwily party to what happened. He was a wily party, alright. Wily. Do you know what it means?  

I really think the day may come in which they are forced to abandon the official JFK story, and if they do have to jump ship, I think they will target LBJ, and they'll probably throw in Richard Nixon for good measure. They'll say that those two conspired to kill Kennedy. And of course, there are already numerous books pointing the finger at LBJ. Of course, they'd like to keep Oswald in the picture, but that is so ridiculous: the idea that LBJ would choose Oswald to shoot Kennedy. How many times do I have to say that Oswald was not an assassin, and he wasn't even a good marksman. HE HAD NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER AT THE KIND OF SNIPERING THAT WAS INVOLVED. He had just spent 3 years in Russia in which the only shooting he did was a few outings rabbit-hunting with a shotgun, which his Russian friends said he stunk at. What bearing does that have on the shooting feat from the 6th floor? And after Russia, there is no credible evidence that Oswald did any shooting at all. So, how could that possibly qualify him to be THE CHOSEN ONE to shoot Kennedy? It's ridiculous and preposterous to think that anyone would choose him, whether you want to say it was LBJ, the Mafia, or the CIA.

The official story is preposterous. But, there are alternate stories that are just as preposterous, pitching Oswald as infiltrator, as spy on the inside, as having this underworld, under-cover life that not even his wife knew about. Did you see the movie True Lies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis?  In it, he plays a US covert agent against counter-terrorism who lets his wife think that he is a greeting card salesman. That, according to some, is much like Oswald's life with Marina. Ridiculous.  

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