Sunday, February 4, 2018

This collage was made by a loyal supporter who communicates with me regularly whom I shan't name. And, it's very good work because it shows how different the noses and facial outlines were between the real Jack Ruby on the right, and the impostor at the DPD who, for 54 years, people have been saying is Ruby. 

Do you see the hook bird-like nose on the left which is starkly different from Ruby's more aquiline nose on the right? And there is no comparison of the hair, with the guy on the left being much balder. Of course, we have been saying lately that Ruby's hair was enhanced by the image-alterers, but there is nothing innocent about taking such an action. Another interesting thing to consider is that the man on the left seems to be wearing a light suit. We don't know what color it was, since it is a black and white photo, but we know it was nowhere near black. And yet:
You can't assume Ruby changed his suit during the day. You try that, and I will stick the good Friar Occum on you. And let's face it: they don't look alike anyway, besides the different color jackets.

Jack Ruby was bamboozled and framed. He may be the most wronged man in history, in the sense that Oswald was of sound mind and could defend himself against the charges. Ruby, not being of sound mind, was helpless and hopeless. They took advantage of a weak, incapacitated man. What they did to Jack Ruby.... may there be a reckoning for that, if not in this life, then the next. And at the very least, we can make History punish them.  

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