Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Wizard overlayed the microphone from Beers into the Jackson photo, which has no microphone. It's weird that it has no microphone, but not as as weird as the Beers photo having one. Why would there be one there when it was supposed to be a 30 foot walk to a car; where the guy gets in and is driven away? How does a microphone fit into that? First, they announced in advance that you couldn't ask Oswald any questions, and second, you wouldn't hang a microphone from the ceiling for that anyway. Would you? And who hung it? Was it the media? Which media? And, it wasn't their garage: it was the police garage. So, why would the police allow them to do it? Or, was it supposedly hung by police as part of the security? It was supposed to save Oswald's life, was it? The mic?

So, the microphone is like a turd sitting in the picture, in my opinion. But, that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the Jackson photo because this happens to be the sharpest version of it I have seen. I want you to notice how non-responsive everyone is to the gun blast that just went off and to the shooter still pointing the gun prepared to shoot. "Ruby" has already fired there, and Oswald is reacting. But, from what we are seeing, why can't "Ruby" just pull the trigger again? So, how do you explain this?

That man, Detective Lowery, is relaxed. he is clasping his hands in front, which he was doing before the shot and is still doing. He is looking right at "Ruby" but he is unphased. And from looking at him, I can see that he hasn't moved a muscle. He is not launching himself to take action. He is planted there, like he is going nowhere. And this is after the shot. How could he possibly behave like that after a shot? And what about this guy?

He looks like a statue. He looks frozen. He looks like he's fixated on the camera, that he is looking right at the lens of the camera. He is looking through Oswald, not at him. He is looking presumably at Robert Jackson with the camera. But, how could he do that if a shot just went off, and there is a commotion going on? And remember that the sound included Oswald screaming. And what about Fritz?

Perhaps you think that his hands being outstretched represents a credible reaction to the shot, but it is not. If you know anything at all about the startle response, you know that it starts with a tightening of the neck muscles. So, it would be more like a flinch where the head goes back and the shoulders go up. 

Then, the next thing would be to turn around and see what is going on behind you.  What we see Fritz doing is a fake startle reaction. He didn't want to turn around because he wanted to be able to say afterwards that he didn't see a thing. He eventually turned around but way too late for it to be real. And what about Tom Pettit?

That is not a normal reaction either. There is no startle there. Remember that we are talking about .6 second after the Beers photo, which means what? .3 second after the shot? He hasn't even flinched. And what about this guy?

That is supposed to be Detective Blackie Harrison, who apparently responded to the blast by taking a puff from his cigar. His hand with the cigar was down when the Beers photo was taken .6 second before.

Who responds to a gunshot by taking a drag off his cigar?

And, what about Jim Leavelle? Now surely there is someone who is reacting properly to the shot. But, Leavelle said that he saw Ruby coming in advance and recognized him as Jack Ruby. He said that he reacted by turning Oswald in an effort to pull him behind him, and with his left hand, he shoved on Ruby's shoulder. 

You can see that his right hand isn't doing that. But, what about his left hand? If he had pulled on Oswald with his left hand, that hand would have led the way. You can't actually apply a rotary force with your hand. You can only pull in a linear direction, and your hand is going to lead it. Your hand is the engine, and the engine goes first on the train. So, he hasn't pulled Oswald anywhere. His engine hasn't left the station. But, notice that he is leaning away from "Ruby". He is leaning back and to his right, our left. "Ruby" is the other direction. Wouldn't you expect a police officer to move towards the assailant? So, the lean that Leavelle is doing in the Jackson photo is all wrong as a response to what happened. 

And what about Oswald himself? Slapping his arm to his chest in response to being shot? First, we don't see him doing that in any of the films; only here. But second, nobody would do that. Nobody would respond to being shot in the rib cage by slapping his arm to his chest. Maybe a child playing make-believe would do it, but that's about it. 

So, the bottom line is that there is not a single person in the Jackson photo who is reacting appropriately to what supposedly just happened. Not one. The whole thing is unreal, and it is surreal. And I, like the Wizard and Amy Joyce, believe that it was taken apart from the televised spectacle because we don't see the Jackson photo in the televised spectacle. There is the one UPI Newsreel which has a Jackson lookalike, but it's fake. What they did is cram a still image up against a moving film. The film does not continue after the Jackson lookalike image, and there is no reason to think that it's part of the film or came from the film. It's just more fakery. 

So, this Pulitzer Prize winning photograph is a lie and a fraud, and that is plainly visible to see.

So, why didn't people see it? It's because they didn't want to see it. They didn't want to question the veracity of it. And I mean nobody. Not even Ruby's lawyers. Nobody wanted to question the fundamental story. And that's because nobody could step out of the "America" delusion.  Seriously, that is the crux of it: it has to be real because otherwise, do you know what it means? 

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