Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ralph Cinque How could the Dallas Police be complicit WITH Ruby? They testified against him. They sought to put him in the electric chair. How could they assume that he would forever keep his mouth shut and protect them? How could they assume that his lawyer could never get Ruby to reveal what really happened? How could they sleep at night knowing that they were depending on Jack Ruby's silence, to keep his mouth shut about their complicity in the crime, as they called him a deviant, a homosexual, and a murderer? How could any two people conspire to do something together in which one was going to take all the blame and forfeit his freedom and his entire life while the other became a hero? Just try to talk it out: "Look, Jack: you kill Oswald; we'll help you do it. And then we'll arrest you, prosecute you, testify against you, and send you to the electric chair. You'll lose everything, including your life, and we'll become heroes. Sound good? Who is going to take that deal? Yes, the Dallas Police were involved, and they did conspire, but not WITH Jack Ruby. They conspired AGAINST Jack Ruby. That's the only thing that makes sense. Cinque Thank you, Mark E. Bennett for providing that link of Roy Vaughan. How could anybody watch it and not believe him? Ruby did not go down that ramp WHEN ROY VAUGHN WAS THERE. But, Ruby said he went down the ramp, and he had no reason to lie, and he even told us that Roy Vaughan wasn't there at the time. He said that an officer he didn't know was there. But, Ruby knew Roy Vaughan. They had met multiple times, and one of them involved Vaughan forgiving a traffic violation for Ruby- as a courtesy since he was a friend of the department. So, Ruby must have gotten there BEFORE Roy Vaughan was assigned to guard the ramp. Don't you get it? Ruby got there early, and they disposed of him before the whole spectacle began. But, Vaughan wasn't in on it. Vaughan, like Ruby, was a patsy.

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