Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Wizard sent me this collage, showing the microphone in Beers, and it's absence from the KRLD film. The Wizard informs me that NONE of the films feature that microphone. 

Ipso facto, that mic was added to the Beers D photo. Does it not mean that it was also added to the Beers A photo, the famous one?

And that microphone has to be fake. It was a parking garage, and you can't tell me that they had a microphone hanging there  all the time. And are you going to say that they hung it there just for this? A 30 foot walk to a car? That in the midst of inspecting all those rafters and the tops of ducts and inside parked cars, etc., that they had time to hang a microphone? For a 30 foot walk to a car? Did I mention it was supposed to be just a 30 foot walk to a car? 

It is ludicrous for anyone, of any stripe or color, to claim that the Garage Shooting was anything but a staged, theatrical event. 

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