Sunday, September 10, 2017

This is unbelievable. But, it's also representative of the rot within the JFK community, just how rotten and devious and corrupt and evil it really is. 

I have a 1968 photo of Bookhout. Looks in NO WAY like Ruby. HA HA! Please prepare a letter of apologies to the Bookhout family...

What the hell is wrong with him? If he has a photo of Bookhout from 1968, talking isn't necessary. You just show the photo and let the photo do the talking. BUT, TO LIP-FLAP IT, AND THEN NOT SHOW THE PHOTO? Not show it? And this is supposed to be a research community? Research?

And there he is expressing concern for the Bookhout family. Well, if he showed the photo, and it clearly showed features that were different from the Garage Shooter, then their nightmare would be over, as long as it could be vetted. Of course, it would also have to be compatible with the the school yearbook images of Bookhout.

So, it involves a big hurdle to get over. But still, if he thinks it can be done with the image that he has, why the hell would he not show me the photo?

In fact, he doesn't even have to send it to me. He could just put it up on his website, and word would spread quickly. I would certainly hear about it. My enemies would be dancing the Charleston. If he really has confidence in that photo of his, why doesn't he brandish it? What reason could he possibly have for not doing so? 

In fact, why hasn't he done it already? Why didn't he do it long ago? Why didn't he do it the moment he got wind that I was accusing James Bookhout of being the Garage Shooter? Talk about being a bastard to the Bookhout family. Here, he, supposedly, has the evidence that would shut up the guy who has been accusing their loved one of being involved in a terrible plot, but rather than relieve them of their distress, he just hoards the photo. 

I'll certainly look closely at the photo if he ever releases it. But, you know how I'll do it. Don't you? With my usual cunning and suspicion and adversarial attitude. That's a given, right? 

And Denis Morrissette, were he a smarter man, or if he was smart at all, would realize that it doesn't matter if James Bookhout looked like Jack Ruby. He doesn't have to look like Ruby. I never said he looked like Ruby. The one he has to look like is the Garage Shooter. And Denis didn't even say that he looks in no way like the Garage Shooter. That's the only thing that matters, Denis. Why should I even have to tell you that?

It's at times like this that I recoil. It's at times like this that I feel the strain of being around people like him, of having to interact with them in any way. 

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