Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Amy Joyce found this, and it's staggering. It really is like something out of The Twilight Zone. It concerns the preparations for moving Oswald, but keep in mind that we are talking about walking a man 30 feet to a car. If they had done it in the dead of night without fanfare, there would have been no need to do any of it. And just think: they could have backed a police car up to the double doors. They could have literally backed it up into the hallway. He was safe within the building, wasn't he? Nobody acted like he was in any danger inside. So, they could have backed the car up snug to the door. And, they could have had a line of cops in front of the car. How hard was it to move Oswald without getting him killed? This is from the Warren Report:   

"Shortly after 9 o'clock Sunday morning, policemen cleared the basement of all but police personnel. Guards were stationed at the top of the Main and Commerce Streets auto ramps leading down into the basement, at each of the five doorways into the garage, and at the double doors leading to the public hallway adjacent to the jail office. Then, Sgt. Patrick T. Dean, acting under instructions from Captain Talbert, directed 14 men in a search of the garage. Maintenance workers were directed to leave the area. The searchers examined the rafters, tops of air conditioning ducts, and every closet and room opening off the garage. They searched the interior and trunk compartment of automobiles parked in the garage. The two passenger elevators in the central part of the garage were not in service and the doors were shut and locked; the service elevator was moved to the first floor, and the operator was instructed not to return it to the basement." ~WC Summary

How illogical do you have to be to do all that rather than take the easy route of moving him quietly at night without fanfare? If the danger to Oswald was so great, why would they care about patronizing the media? What did they owe them? What obliged them to put on a show for them? And if the media complained about it afterwards: "We didn't get to see Oswald being moved; boo hoo" you give them the stock answer: "F U and the horse you rode in on." How hard is it to do that?    

What I'm saying is that if ANYBODY, in this day and age, claims to believe that the Dallas Police really believed that they had an obligation to provide the media with a viewing of the jail transfer, that this was part of their responsibility as police, and that they really sought to protect Oswald, and that Jack Ruby just got the better of them despite all their efforts to secure the basement, that he slipped in without being scene, pulled his gun and shot Oswald, then I am telling you that YOU are living in The Twilight Zone. There is NOTHING about the official story of the Oswald shooting that is true. If you believe any of it, you are nuts. It was a spectacle to get Oswald killed in front of millions, where the filming of it would authenticate it precisely because it was filmed.  But, if you believe that it was anything but a dog and pony show, a ruse, and a staged spectacle, then you are being very stupid, very gullible, very manipulated, and very robotic, and  at a very low level of robotic intelligence. You are just lapping up their poison milk or you could say drinking their Kool-Aid.  It really is sad and pathetic that any adult person would do that, believe this horrendous story of Bizarro World stuff.  

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