Monday, November 25, 2013

Duncan MacRae (bpete) has already started trashing our JFK conference, but the fact is it was bigger and better than expected. Look at this television coverage we got on the Fox affiliate in Santa Barbara:

And look what the fool did: he put up an image of me standing exactly like Oswald did in the doorway:

And that's supposed to hurt my case that Oswald was standing in the doorway clasping his hands exactly as you see me doing above? That is what he was doing, and there is nothing else that he could possibly have been doing. Like my song says, "He was standing there just clasping his hands."

My hope is that MacRae ponies up the money to watch the speeches- or at least mine. That's because it is solid, and I mean iron-clad and air-tight. Any attempt to refute it is only going to fall flat and reinforce what I said, as I come back with a devastating counterattack.

So, bring it on, mo-fo. You will be floundering in that Scottish peat you people are famous for. It was Oswald in the doorway, and I know that everyone who saw and heard my presentation is now convinced. And it's not because of me- it's the absolute truth. The evidence is overwhelming.

Come one, Man. You listen to my speech; then we'll rock 'n roll.      

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