Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Lance Uppercut" tried to post a link on my Facebook page, but I deleted it and banned him. 

 Except, he did it under the name of "Lee Oswald". And the link went to his crap about the shirts, where the idiot actually drew the lines on the shirt to show that they're there. 

How many times do I have to tell the idiot that you can't draw in the area under examination? You can point to it; you can write in the margins; but you can't draw over it. 

But, here's the interesting part: his link actually had "uk" in the address. 

That's UK, as in the place that "bpete" denies he is located. He's just an American who is a buddy/buddy with "Lance Armstrong" who is in the UK and Mike Williams who is in the UK and Steve Haydon who is in the UK and Clark Rob who is in the UK. He's an anglophile; that's all; but he's really in Cleveland. He lives there because that's where they have the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and he likes his music LOUD. 

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