Sunday, November 24, 2013

More about the JFK truth conference: First, the whole thing was broadcast live on Revolution Radio. Second, it was also videotaped and recorded for putting on the internet. It is going to be installed on the website which we started to promote the event, which will now be a permanent site to showcase the event.

I believe that Jim Fetzer plans to charge a nominal fee to watch the lectures. I would have been just as happy to offer them for free. But, one consideration he has is that we have a lot of enemies in the JFK world who might want to watch the speeches to attack us, and at least they will have to pay to do it, and that may be enough to dissuade them. So, to keep the riff-raff away, he's willing to charge a small fee.

But, the speeches were very good. Phillip Nelson started it off talking about LBJ. He quoted a lot of famous people who made very revealing statements about LBJ's real character, which was evil. He included a photograph of Bobby Kennedy confronting LBJ when he asked him why he had his brother killed. You see RFK looking angry, his fist clenched, and LBJ looking startled and frightened. I had heard about the incident at the White House but didn't know there was a picture of it.

John Hankey was next talking about George HW Bush, and he spent as much time talking about the murder of JFK Jr. as JFK Sr. As to why they killed JFK Jr, Hankey thinks the decision was based on his extensive interview with Oliver Stone about his father's murder in George magazine and also his article about the murder of Israeli leader Yitzak Rabin which was treated as a Mossad hit and a coup. Of course, JFK Jr's intention to run for the Senate in New York and eventually for the Presidency was something they could not allow. Hankey believes not only that George HW Bush was in Dealey Plaza but that he was briefly arrested when he came out of the Dal-Tex building, identifying himself as an "independent oil operator from Houston." The whole story that Bush was giving a speech to the Kiwanis Club in Tyler, Texas at the time of the murder is a lie, says Hankey. Bush was in Dallas, in Dealey Plaza, and we have at least two images of him. He stayed at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel on the 21st and 22nd. And anyone who doubts that Bush was involved in the CIA at the time needs to explain how the 3 ships involved in the Bay of Pigs operation were called the Houston, the Barbara, and the Zapata (the name of Bush's oil company).

Peter Janney spoke next about the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, including his recent confrontation with Bill Mitchell, whom he believes was involved in her assassination and testified against the designated patsy, Ray Crump. And there was another guy there with a book about the Mary Pinchot Meyer case, Michael Pinchot, who is a cousin of MPMeyer. And in his book, he described what happened and then he gave an alternate history of what might have happened had JFK not been killed, including to the two of them, JFK and MPM. Michael gave me a copy of his book, Mary Mary and JFK, which I have begun to read. It's very interesting and very well written.

Larry Rivera came next, and I learned a lot from him about Buell Frazier. Did you know that Frazier had just started working at the TSBD shortly before Oswald did? Did you know that the M-C rifle, even disassembled could not fit under the arm the way Frazier said Oswald carried it? Did you know that Frazier was missing for 4 hours after the assassination? Did you know that the official story has it that Oswald reassembled the rifle using a dime like a screwdriver?

I was the first evening speaker, and of course, I spoke on Oswald in the doorway. I wouldn't judge my own speech, but I'm glad to know that Jim Fetzer was pleased with it:


Your talk was spectacular: it was clear and
convincing and presented in a powerful and
articulate fashion. I will have more to say to
everyone about the conference, but you were
simply wonderful! I cannot thank you enough.


I'm not trying to brag; I'm just glad that the Chairman was pleased. And Jim's talk was extremely comprehensive. He covered everything, including who the shooters were, their positions, the Secret Service involvement, Kennedy's exact wounds, and much, more. Jim is a very strong speaker. He has a commanding presence at the podium.

Another thing that happened is that there was a news outfit that filmed interviews of several of us, including Jim and me. And, the very day before the event, the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper published an interview of Jim Fetzer that included several of our images, including one of Oswald in the doorway. They did publish our central tenet that Oswald was standing in the doorway at the time of the shots and can be seen in the Altgens photo. So, I was glad for that. The only thing I did not like about their article was the title: "Conspiracy Theorists descend on Santa Barbara". To me, that sounds pejorative, like we are UFO type people. And it made me realize that Conspiracy Theorist is really a derogatory term not chosen by us and one that we should stop using. And I'm going to write about it. But, all in all, the conference was great, and there were no major glitches.

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