Saturday, November 30, 2013

It is very strange that a guy like Joseph Backes, who claims to be a CT, and one who professes that Oswald was innocent, meaning nowhere near the 6th floor, would align himself with bpete (Duncan MacRae). That's because bpete DOES place Oswald up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy.  

Backes just places Oswald "in the building" somewhere and he doesn't seem to care where he was except that he definitely was not up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. 

So, as a matter of rationality, why would Backes side with MacRae when they have diametrically opposite views?

It's because all rationality is gone with Backes. He lives in a Bizarro World of contradiction, irrationality, and just plain stupidity, and that is where he is going to spend the rest of his life. You want to hang out with him over there? 

And what about MacRae? He spends his whole time fighting CTs even though he speaks of there having been a second shooter from the Grassy Knoll. That makes him a HSCA CT in my book. 

But, that is contradictory as well because why would you be all chummy with people who advocate the "lone gunman" scenario when you don't? When has bpete ever attacked John McAdams? Even if you think the official story is mostly true, if you think there was a second gunman, it really means that you really believe that the official story is bull crap. After all, if there was a second shooter, it means there was a conspiracy, and that changes everything. 

So, why does MacRae spend all his time fighting CTs and not spend any time challenging the lone gunman myth, since apparently, he doesn't accept it? 

Note that Duncan MacRae and Steve Haydon seem to have the same view: that there was a conspiracy, but no, Oswald was not innocent; he did everything they said he did except there was also another shooter who missed. 

Well apparently, that guy was a much better escape artist than he was a marksman because he got clean away from Dealey Plaza without a hitch. If he was a friend and accomplice of Lee Harvey Oswald, he was much luckier than that friend and accomplice of Timothy McVeigh, whose name was Terry Nichols.

But, my point is there is a deep level of contradiction in both Backes and MacRae, and we are going to put it to the test.  

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