Saturday, November 30, 2013

I've been saying that they altered Oswald's hairline to make it look like Lovelady's, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I found this gif that somebody else made- and not someone I know- which shows what they did and also shows how they obfuscated Lovelady's face. 

But, what they got wrong is the guy they're pegging for Lovelady. Obfuscated Man could NOT have been Lovelady, and you know that because he's wearing a white shirt and tie, and Lovelady certainly did not dress that way for work. Lovelady wasn't Ob Man; he was Black Hole Man- the guy with both arms up vizoring his eyes whose face was blackened out rather than whitened out. We have Richard Hooke to thank for figuring that out. 

But, what got changed on Oswald was not only the hairline but the shape of the top of the head, which became very oval. And you can see that in what this guy has done. From the eyes down, he is still Oswald.  They just moved Lovelady's cap over.

Jim Fetzer heard from a woman who is an artist, and she agrees with us from her perspective as an artist:

Dear Jim,
Firstly, thanks for all the work you have done on this photo. I agree with the conclusions you have reached regarding Doorman being Oswald.
I am looking at this from an artist’s perspective and can clearly see that there is a great deal of difference between Oswald’s eyes and Lovelady’s. Oswald’s eyes are set closer to his eyebrows than Lovelady’s, and therefore create more shadow in the photo. Also, Oswald’s left eye sits slightly lower then his right eye, while Lovelady’s left eye sits slightly higher than his right.
The man to Oswald’s right (left in the photo), has had his face blotched out, for he is looking not at Oswald, but at the motorcade because of the way his hat sits.
There are other anomalies in this photo. 

The latter person whom she is talking about is Fedora Man whom I still believe to be Jack Ruby. And I still believe that the Woman and Boy were put in front of him- photographically- in order to obscure his face. In fact, through Jim, I am going to contact that woman about that. 


All you have to do is take the woman out, and you can see the boy is standing. Nobody is holding him up. He is perfectly erect as in standing. 

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