Thursday, November 28, 2013

We did it. Last night, Tony Longo and Pacific Coast Blues Band recorded my song, He Didn't Do It, which is an anthem to Oswald Innocence and JFK Truth.

It was very frustrating for them because they were having technical problems with the recording equipment. Besides being the front man and vocalist and harpist, Tony was also the sound man. And being a perfectionist, he had them do it over and over until he was satisfied that they got it right.

Tony is a dyed-in-the-wool JFK truther, and this was much more than a gig for him. He is one of us. He knows the truth, that Oswald was innocent- framed and innocent.

The plan is that we are going to make a Youtube video of this music. It's going to include images of the band, particularly Tony, but also a compilation of our evidence: my collages, Richard Hooke's charts, and more. And then we are going to do everything in our power to take this video viral.

I am going to have the sound mastered by a sound editor I know in Austin. He's very good, and he'll get the bits of distortion out. But, it's not bad even the way it is. If you'd like to hear it, you just have to go to my Facebook page.

We are going to beat them- the liars, the fakers, the God-damn Kennedy-killers- and this song is going to be our rallying cry: He didn't do it; Oswald was an innocent man .

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