Saturday, November 30, 2013

I feel sorry for the schmoes who have to say that these two guys are the same man on the same day at the same time and in the same spot. The rational mind strongly resists such absurdities, and they have to push through their own resistance in order to do it.  

And that's why it's correct to say that as they continue to cling to the hopeless claim that Lovelady was Doorman, that they really are practicing a religion. And the religion is: statism. The state said it; ergo, it's true.  

These two guys have different builds, different weights, different hair, different shirt arrangements (one sprawled open, the other not). Even their relation to the desk is different, with one having his whole massive forearm resting on the table, while the other having his scrawny forearm hanging over the table with just his elbow resting on it. And obviously, they are facing different directions. If you watch the movies, the version with the guy on left never has him turning right, and the version with the guy on the right never has him turning left. They are different! The men are different; the movies are different; different, different, different. 

Lovelady was NEVER seated there. He never said he was. He said he never saw Oswald again that day after they broke for lunch. He never corrected that in his life. He never revised it. 

These were different versions of phony movies that were made to sell the idea that Lovelady wore a long-sleeved plaid shirt. He didn't. On November 22, 1963, he wore a short-sleeved, red and white striped shirt, which was put in writing at least twice by the FBI, which we have in our possession. And they photographed him wearing those clothes and posing like Doorman with his shirt open. 

Why would they do that unless it was the same clothes?  They wouldn't. They didn't. Everything about this plucking thing is a fake and a lie.  

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