Saturday, November 30, 2013

Duncan MacRae (bpete) is still stating that the guy on the left below is Lovelady. But, how can he be Lovelady, when the guy on the right is also claimed to be Lovelady AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT IN TIME AND SPACE?

They are not the same guy. One is muscular; the other is not. One has his shirt sprawled open in a weird rectangular sprawl; the other has his shirt buttoned up. One has his hair combed back; the other combed over. One has his whole forearm on the table; the other just his elbow. One has a large ear; the other a much smaller one. 

They are not the same guy. If we were talking about this in any other context but the JFK assassination, nobody in his right mind would say they are the same guy. 

They are both supposed to be Lovelady at the Dallas PD in the same room as Oswald, but Lovelady told us that it never happened.

Ball: Did you EVER see Oswald again THAT DAY?
Lovelady: No.

Not once in his life did Lovelady ever claim to have seen Oswald at the Dallas PD. Not once did he ever say he was sitting in the detectives' squad room when Oswald was led by. Not once did his wife say it, and she was more inclined to talk than he was. 

You know those two guys were not the same man, and therefore, you know the whole thing is a cock and bull story. 

When Joseph Backes and Duncan MacRae tell you that those two are the same man, they are telling you an absurdity. Who are you going to believe? Them? Or your own two eyes? Just look at the collage again and apply common sense. They aren't even close to be the same guy. Don't follow those idiots into the Bizarro World. 

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