Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Idiot Backes is back spewing his shit. I said in my speech that I don't have the habit of standing the way Oswald did in the doorway with my hands clasped in front. I didn't say I NEVER did it. But, I don't do it repeatedly all day long the way Oswald did the last two days of his life, including the last conscious moment of his life when he was shot by Jack Ruby. So, how does it hurt my case that I sometimes do it? I'm sure there are millions and, maybe billions, of people who sometimes do it. But, Oswald definitely did it; he did it often; and he did it in the doorway.

You have lost, Backes. The case for Oswald in the doorway has been proven beyond any doubt. And, you are going to go down as one of those phony CTs who never John Kennedy any good and who certainly never did Lee Harvey Oswald any good.

And if anyone doubts that we had a successful conference in Santa Barbara, I just received this letter from Michael Pinchot, who is a cousin of Mary Pinchot Meyer and wrote his own book about her life entitled Mary Mary and JFK. And he gave me a signed and inscribed copy which I am now reading.

Backes, you are nothing but roadkill on the highway to JFK truth. We have grown, and we shall continue to grow, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It was so nice meeting you in Santa Barbara.
Thank you very much for all of your hard work put into the VERY successful Santa Barbara event.
Hope to see you at a future 'Oswald is innocent' event....put me on your mail list and keep me posted.
Enjoy the "MARY, MARY & JFK" read......
Michael Pinchot

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