Sunday, November 5, 2017

A longtime supporter (who I am encouraging to join the OIC) has sent me this audio of an interview of Bob Jackson, in which Jackson states that there was no blood in the garage: not on Oswald and not on the ground. And, he adds that even when they rolled Oswald out on the stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance, there wasn't a speck of blood anywhere. 

Jackson starts by giving his usual spiel of "he shot and I shot." Again, he states that he had a foot up on the fender of the car, but I don't see how that's possible since the car was moving. Remember? Dhority was backing up; the brake lights were on; and then it came to a jostling stop, but that stop came long after the Jackson photo was taken. 

Then, Jackson tells the story again of having to wait there until his newspaper sent a replacement photographer. He claims that it was about 2:00 before he was able to leave. So, that's 2 1/2 hours.  Keep in mind that there is no doubt that the Jackson photo is a highly altered photo- and if Bob Jackson is too stupid to see it, that's his problem. 

Then, Jackson relates how he saw no blood, not after the shooting and not when Oswald was again brought out. But, he said that when they brought him out on the stretcher that he could see how his shirt and sweater were pulled up. But, what is he talking about? 

I'm pretty sure that this is the Jackson photo of Oswald being loaded:

If you look closely, you can see that Oswald' right arm is next to his body, and there is something going on in which is sweater has been pulled up.

I don't know exactly what we are seeing there. But, if Jackson is telling the truth, then it means that this photo below is bogus, because it shows no exposure at all, and Oswald's right arm is draped across his body and his hand is resting on top of the wound.

 I have been saying for a long time that that placement of Oswald's right arm is bogus, and I am even more convinced of it now. 

But now, we get to the really big thing: The interviewer was a doctor, and he knew one of the doctors who worked on Oswald, Dr. Charles Baxter. And Dr. Baxter told him that the path of the bullet was upward. UPWARD! He estimated 70 degree upward. And he added: AND THAT'S WHY IT DID SO MUCH DAMAGE. 

Edit: I have reviewed Dr. Rose's autopsy report on Oswald, and that interviewer had it exactly backwards. The bullet went DOWNWARD, not upward. See here:

What I need to do next is study the images of the shooting to see where the Garage Shooter was pointing the gun. 

Here's the audio. I was advised to fast-forward through 3/4 of it.  

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