Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Astute, observant, succinct, Amy Joyce knows how to size things up: 

"Ralph, I've been following your blog posts regarding Oswald's autopsy report.  I believe you are 100% correct.  It would be impossible for the missile to enter just below the 7th rib and end up cracking the 11th rib, unless it had traveled downward!  So the bullet traveled from left to right, backward, and down - which means the gun should have directed the same way."

"You pointed out that in no picture or film is the gun aimed downward...and that's significant. At most the barrel remains straight, if not aimed slightly upward.  Certainly not down!  The shooter's wrist is also straight and that also supports your observation as well.  You made it clear many times that the shooter was a short man; much shorter than 5'9, like Jack Ruby was. In fact early reports indicated that witnesses described a short (elderly) man.  The autopsy report indicates that a taller man (someone taller than the "shooter"), perhaps with his arm extended at a slightly downward angle, fired the gun.  It seems very unnatural that a person inches shorter than the victim could fire a gun at a downward angle when they were so close.  The wrist most certainly would have needed to be bent in that direction."

Ralph Cinque: Amy, you make a good point about the shooter having to be tall to shoot downward, and certainly taller than the Garage Shooter. However, although I haven't mentioned this before, I hold the view that Oswald was horizontal when the shot was made. I assume that Oswald was sedated. Not for one second did I think that Oswald was conscious when they did it. This was a precision shot; a surgical shot. And obviously, if Oswald was awake and aware, it would have been much harder to pull off. The very fact that he was unconscious BEFORE they shot him means that he had to be horizontal.  

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