Sunday, November 5, 2017

This past Wednesday evening, I was on The New JFK Show (#168) with Jim Fetzer and Gary King, and we had a swell time. Jim started it off with a review of some interesting finds from the recent Document Release. Then, Gary King showed something that I had never seen before: the Mayor of Dallas, Earle Cabell (whose CIA brother was sacked by JFK) address the public on the day of the assassination, saying that it was just the act of a maniac and could have happened in any city. But, how could he possibly claim to know that on 11/22/63? Then, I presented a hodgepodge of images, concerning the Oswald shooting, and other things. Like I said, it's a real hodgepodge but definitely interesting. So, here is the link, and please watch it and share it:   

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