Saturday, November 4, 2017

It appears that we are getting a more unnatural and undefiled look at James Bookhout in this unilluminated frame than in the light ones that follow, where changes were made. On the right that is clearly NOT the hair of Jack Ruby. Don't even try to claim otherwise because if you do, I'll stick Occam on you, and you know what he's totin'.  

Now read this letter from the Wizard:

Thanks, Ralph. 

When the illuminated frame appears, Bookhout's hair is not flat but tousled, although his hands do not move between the frames. (RC: And I'm pretty sure there was no wind in there) I think that an unconvincing black (left) sideburn has been clumsily painted in on the left to match Sunglasses Ruby, the image of Bookhout talking to Oswald, and the hairy sideburn and wig over the left ear in the Jackson. Amy recently sent a close-up of the latter when discussing the hat band.

The door of that elevator room is wide open, and Hall is out of sight on the right side. In the 2003 footage you can see that there is at least another door's width of space on that side.

As Hall lunges into view to intercept the cameraman, the left side of his shirt is exposed, with the left side of the jacket not visible. He was clearly doing something active over there.

I was looking at it on a slightly better screen and noticed that Bookhout's left nostril in the lit up frame is definitely thin and pinched, so your instinct that the nose in the ROTC photo has been widened seems validated. 

In the 2003 footage you can see a strip light in the ceiling in the upper left corner, and, as that is the weak light source in the dark film frames, I am assuming that it was a duff 1963 strip light, probably one tube. However, the brightly lit frame was probably illuminated by a TV spotlight of the kind in the press photo attached. You can see the reflection in Hall's glasses, and the position of the shadows places it by the door at shoulder height. 

In the lit up picture, Bookhout's hair in shadow looks, to me, flatter than his ruffled hair. 


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