Sunday, November 5, 2017

Alright, so the course of the bullet in Oswald was downward from the 7th rib to the 11th rib. so, we should see the Garage Shooter pointing the gun downward. Do we? Let's start with the Jackson photo:

No, he's not aiming the gun downward. If anything, he's aiming it slightly upward. Let's check Beers. 

That is supposed to be a small split-second BEFORE the shot, and I would say that he is aiming the gun slightly downward. And what I am realizing for the first time is that the shooter has his shooting arm pretty much straightened. There may be a slight bend in the elbow, but not much. But, in the Jackson photo, his right elbow (which we can't see) must be bent a lot more.

 It has to be bent a lot more because otherwise, his hand would be farther away from his body. And obviously, there is a big difference between the two in what the shooter is doing with his left arm and hand. The idea that there was only .6 second between these two photos is preposterous. But, with Beers, I must say that the angle looks a little downward, but is it enough?

But, doesn't it seem like he is about to shoot Oswald in the arm? And, if you assume he missed the arm and went slightly above it, how could Oswald get his whole left arm slapped to his chest in just .6 second? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. The left arm slap in the Jackson photo is fake. 

But, that's all the still photos of the shooting, right? Beers and Jackson? So, let's look at some of the film frames:

That doesn't look downward at all. Again, I would say that, if anything, it looks like he is shooting slightly upward.

The next one is the Jackson lookalike frame from the Newsreels, and again, if anything, the trajectory looks slightly upward.

Next, we'll look at it in the KRLD film:

Obviously, we can't see Oswald, and we're seeing the shooter from behind. I wouldn't venture a guess as to how the gun is pointed. Finally, let's look at it in the other KRLD film known as the Phenix film.

Again, we're behind the shooter, and we can't see what he's doing with his shooting arm. So, this doesn't help us.

And the NBC film is useless for the same reason.

So, what we are left with his just the two still photos. The Jackson argues against a downward shot.

And the Beers does the opposite.

That looks a little downward, but I don't know that it is downward enough. It doesn't look like enough of an incline to take it as downward as needed. Plus, I don't think it provides the anterior to posterior axis that is needed. In other words, it's too left to right, and not enough front to back. So, the bottom line, for me, is that even this image does NOT comply with the known trajectory of the bullet that went through Oswald. I'll be interested to hear what Amy Joyce and the Wizard have to say about this. 

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