Monday, November 6, 2017

I take it back that the Beers photo shows a downward angle of the shooter's gun. The way his wrist is cocked, he's not shooting downward at all. If you look closely, you'll see that I drew in a red laser sight, just like I have on my Smith and Wesson snub-nose 38. 

That isn't downward at all, and even if you want to question the accuracy of the line, the fact is that the shooter's wrist is cocked up. Notice that his hand is higher than his wrist. So, he is NOT aiming down. We know from the autopsy report that the course of the bullet thru Oswald's body went from 7th rib to 11th rib. So, that's plenty downward. But, neither the Beers photo nor the Jackson photo confirm it. Here's Jackson:

Nobody in his right mind would claim that he was shooting downward there. If anything, he was shooting upward. But, here's the result:
So, it entered at the 7th rib and went downward, finally crashing into the 11th rib and shattering it and then settling under the skin. Note that the 11th rib is one of two floating ribs, the other being the 12th. Floating ribs do not reach the sternum. The arrow points to the tip of the 11th rib. The 12th rib is very short and barely seen there. Obviously, no one in a spontaneous shooting would choose such a bullet course. That shot was made under controlled conditions. You know how low the kidneys are, and the bullet went through the right kidney, which is highly vascular. This shot was designed and intended to cause maximum bleeding. There is no way the Garage Shooter made this shot. 

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