Sunday, November 12, 2017

Do you know how the Idiot Joseph Backes explains Amy Joyce's discovery of the weird grey stripe in the bow of the ribbon of "Ruby's" hat in the Jackson photo. He says it's due to "differing lighting conditions and the age of the photo." That is ridiculous. All the photos from this are the same age, and the others don't show the grey stripe. And Jackson shot with a flash. And why, for goodness sake, would "differing lighting conditions" cause that stripe to look grey? Lighting conditions affect the  quality of the photo overall. They don't cause a stripe to turn grey. I'm telling you, that man is an idiot. He is absolutely incapable of rational thought.

On the show, we discussed it. I expressed my opinion that the photo was "photoshopped" and by that I mean the equivalent of whatever they did in 1963. And whoever did it made that stripe grey, either by accident or on purpose.

The only other option is that Bookhout actually wore a hat that had that grey stripe. But, I consider that extremely unlikely. That's because the ribbon of the habit is a separate object, and it's very likely that it would be all one color. I have never seen such a hat any other way. So, I am calling it a mistake that they did when they added the finishing touches to that photo, the Jackson photo.

Never mind the Idiot's stupid rant. He's an idiot. 

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