Sunday, November 5, 2017

As I read through Oswald's autopsy report, I realize how hopeless the effort was to save him. They stood no chance, and neither did he. And, I think it was disingenous, medically speaking, to suggest that they made any progress at all. They repaired some of the damage, meaning closed the major vascular leaks as best they could, cauterizing, suturing, etc., and then filled up his vascular system with blood, and initially restored some blood pressure, but it was meaningless. They stuffed 8 quarts of blood in him, when under normal conditions, the body only has 5. That much blood volume was bound to restore some blood pressure even passively. But, it didn't mean anything. And his heart couldn't handle it anyway. He immediately went into cardiac arrest. They tried shocking him and massaging him, etc., but it was pointless. He was dead. It's just that not every vital function had shut down yet. That's how it is when you die; not every function stops all at once. And, it's no different than a chicken running around with its head cut off.

And remember that all that damage described in the autopsy report was inflicted instantaneously when the bullet tore through him. Surely, if he had been shot at 11:21, he would have been stone cold dead by the time he reached the hospital. 

And the idea that upon being shot at 11:21 that he'd still be able to make a fist at this point is preposterous.

How could Hardin be pushing the stretcher while grasping Oswald's arm? Was he actually PUSHING on Oswald's arm? 

And both Hardin, the driver, and Wolfe, the assistant (whom we don't see any more after he removes Oswald from the ambulance) wound up dead by the early 70s. What are the odds of that? The odds of a young man dying (and they were both young) are so low, that an insurance company can sell a young man a half a million dollars worth of life insurance for, like, $30/month. So, what are the mathematical odds that two young men would wind up dead?

Let's consider this photo:

So, that was when Oswald was being removed from the ambulance at Parkland. You notice that the head end of the stretcher is already on the tailgate of the ambulance. So, he is practically out of it. But, shouldn't there be somebody there tending to him at that point? If they pulled his stretcher out from all the way within the ambulance, that probably involved two men, right? And then, each of them would have gotten on each side of him, right? So, at that point, shouldn't there be someone right there, at the head end of the stretcher, blocking our view of him? So, what exactly happened to create this image? Did someone actually step aside, step away, so that this photo could be taken? So, they delayed delivering Oswald to doctors just to take this picture? In the midst of this dire emergency, they were thinking about photo opportunities? I don't know if this photo is legit, and I certainly don't vouch for it.   Let's look at it in the film:

So, we've got the whole gang here. Wolfe in the white shirt, Hardin in the sweater top center, Leavelle and Dhority who crawled out of the back, then Graves who drove himself, and finally the Bieb, lower right. But, from watching the film I discovered that Hardin actually got there before Wolfe, and he stood back a few feet, not coming up and grabbing the head of the stretcher until the last second. Look:

So, there is Hardin, closer to the back than is Wolfe. Wolfe approaches the ambulance from an angle, even though he got out of it. So, that tells me that he must have gotten out and then went over to talk to someone, probably Graves, who was already there since he led the way in his police car. Who else could he have been talking to except Graves? Nobody. Somebody else opens the tailgate, not either of them. But, after that, there is a splice.  Then, after the splice, we see Wolfe at the back, and Hardin off to the side.

Alright, so there is Hardin's arm in his sweater. He is resting his hand on the top of the ambulance. And he's letting Wolfe do all the work of pulling Oswald's stretcher out. And that is how it proceeds with Wolfe doing all the work until, at the last second, Hardin steps in to get the head end. But even here, he hasn't done it yet.

Notice that that does not correspond to the other image because Oswald's right arm is overhead, which it isn't in the other. And his right arm stays overhead.

Still overhead:

Then, it goes to this, with some guy in shades on the other side of the stretcher instead of Hardin. What happened to Hardin?

And after that, we lose Wolfe too, and it's Leavelle pushing the stretcher on that side.

Alright, so where does that leave this?

Nowhere. Oswald's right arm wasn't down like that at any point coming out of that ambulance. Even when the stretcher was completely off the tailgate, his right arm was still externally rotated and up. So, I don't know how they came up with this.

And what about this?

First, we don't see Hardin on that side. He got replaced by the guy in shades, presumably an FBI agent or Secret Service agent. And Oswald's right arm was above his head. And how his left hand wound up in the hand of Detective Dhority is a complete mystery and makes no sense. This is one of those "iconic" photos that was made to order. Since Oswald could not possibly have made a fist at that point in time, and since that man had much narrower nostrils and appears to have been quite tall, probably close to if not 6 feet, he wasn't Oswald, and this is a staged photo. I've known that for a long time. But, what I just found out tonight is that this one is not legit either:

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