Saturday, November 4, 2017

Jack Ruby would have had no means to obtain the book, A Texan Looks at Lyndon by J. Evetts Haley. So, who got it for him and brought it to him or sent it to him? In fact, how would he even know that it existed? How could he have requested it? I can't think of a way. Somebody must have told him about it and gotten it for him. And not a member of his family either because there is no evidence that any member of his family was oriented that way. So, that means that somebody else must have done it, but who?

Would one of his lawyers have done it? No. Impossible. And that's because if his lawyer had any inclination that way, wouldn't he have used it in Ruby's defense? Ruby's lawyers were standing right next to him when he made the public statement to reporters about Johnson being involved in the assassination (a conviction no doubt derived from that book). But, they didn't join in or follow up about it. So, it couldn't have been one of them. 

It had to be some visitor he had OR someone at the Dallas Police department. And I mean someone with sinister intent, bent on making Ruby a "conspiracy theorist". And then, as now, people listen to Ruby telling of Johnson's involvement, and they just naturally assume that he had inside knowledge. It was all part of a concerted plot to cast Ruby that way. And that's because even though Ruby was cast as another lone gunman, the fact is that the people behind Oswald's killing (who were the same people behind Kennedy's killing) wanted to plant the seed in the public mind that Ruby knew something, that Ruby was connected, that Ruby was involved. Why? Because it provided him with motive to kill Oswald, the idea that he was silencing him. 

I've said before, but I'll say it again: it is CRAZY for someone to pursue the goal of silencing Oswald at the expense of HIS  WHOLE LIFE, that is, the killer's life. People value their lives. What else have they got to value? And absolutely nothing is worth the utter, complete, total, and wanton destruction of one's life. And there is only one exception, and that is when somebody kills somebody and then kills himself. And even that doesn't apply here. People only do that WHEN THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST EVERYTHING AND HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR and decide to take the other person with them in an act of suicide. But, Jack Ruby had EVERYTHING to live for. He had so much that he loved: his family, his pets (his beloved dogs) his business (he truly loved doing what he did and being famous or at least well known for it) and his friendships and associations, including of course his special and unique relationship with the Dallas Police, which bordered on adoration and obsession. And he must have adored women, and I have to think it was at least "a" factor in why he got involved in the burlesque business. We know that when he traveled he often brought an attractive female companion along, and at least one time, that companion was Karen Carlin. And consider the age difference between them. In 1963, Ruby was 52, and she was like 19 or 20. And I won't deny that when I hear that a man travels with a beautiful woman, I assume that he's, you know, doing the deed with her. And I have no worries that Occam is going to slit my throat for saying it. I mean, hey, come on. Have you been following the news lately? I mean the predator news.  

And, I have mentioned before the little known fact that Ruby was about to move into a new swanky apartment building in Dallas. It was called something like the Trinity 21 Apartments. And, the story goes that he was VERY excited about doing this, that it had all the comforts and amenities, that it was considered luxury living- as luxurious as apartment living can get. 

So, the idea that Ruby would have been willing to lose all of that, EVERYTHING IN HIS LIFE, his whole damn life, just to silence Oswald, is ridiculous. It is absurd. Even if you think he was involved in killing Kennedy, which he wasn't, it certainly wasn't his operation. Why would he be willing to sacrifice his whole life to silence Oswald and mainly for the benefit of others? And the idea that he did it because he was threatened, or his family was threatened, is ridiculous. Nobody would actually do that, actually kill someone due to such a threat. Would you? Of course you wouldn't. So, stop thinking that Jack Ruby would. I can guarantee you that Occam has got his leather strop out, and he is sharpening his razor. And legend has it that he is one mean son of a bitch.

All these stories about Ruby were started for one reason and one reason only: to support and bolster the idea that he did, in fact, shoot Oswald. They don't care if you want to think he did it within a conspiracy.  They just want you to think he did it. All's well for them so long as you think he did it. And frankly, I could say the same about Oswald, that they don't care if you want to think he killed Kennedy within a conspiracy, so long as you think he killed Kennedy. 

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