Sunday, November 5, 2017

Well, I have heard from Amy Joyce already, and she says that the "other" Jackson photo, like the famous one, is bogus.

Those images are obviously very similar and taken just a split-second apart, but I don't know which one is Jackson's. One of them is. 

Amy Joyce:

That one picture of Oswald being loaded into the ambulance is bogus.  It was staged and altered.  

The film shows Hutchinson's arm extended well passed the corner of the back windshield and more toward the middle of roof of the car.   

Several other photos, and screenshots from various films, show that the post behind the car was actually white (had been painted) from the floor to about 5.5 feet high.  In the picture on your blog the post is black/dark (The Wizard and I are stumped as to how this occurred and the only explanation is that the photo was taken in front of a different post).  

Incidentally, a large copy of the photo displayed the wall of 6th Floor Museum shows the post after alteration (partially white, but not as much as it should be). They didn't even alter it correctly. 

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