Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tonight, Amy Joyce made her debut on the New JFK Show, and I got to be one of the participants, along with Jim Fetzer and Gary King. One of the images that Amy presented was this gif, and it is just astounding. It proves something that I have been claiming for a long time, that the black disc over the eye of the "Ruby" figure cannot possibly be shadow. Notice that "Ruby" turns his head through a fairly wide range, but the black disc remains constant. But, shadows aren't constant. You don't take your shadow along with you when you move. If you look closely, you'll notice that there is real shadow that occurs as he moves. It goes over his eye and actually reaches a little below his eye. But, the black disc is just there. It's solid. It's like a fixture that goes along with him, and shadows don't do that.

Be aware that Amy's point about this gif concerns the grey strip in the center of the bow on the side of the hat in the Jackson photo on the left. Why is it grey? Well, either Bookhout wore such a hat OR, when they did the 1963 equivalent of photoshopping, they made it that way.

But, take a look at this:

I captured that still frame from Amy's gif by hitting the PrintScreen button on my keyboard. Notice that there is real shadow that extends a little below his eye. And, it's not fixed. You see it change as he moves his head. Of course it does, and if you understand that shadows are all about light and objects, and if you move either (the light or the object) the shadow changes. But, the black disc is constant; it never changes. 

It is not shadow. Keep in mind that the whole image is a monstrosity. Look at the distance between the ear and the sideburn.

That is impossible. In every man who has ever lived, the ear is snug with the sideburn, including Jack Ruby. For goodness sake:

So, this is a monstrosity to an extreme degree.

The black disc was added to cover his eye. Why? BECAUSE HE WASN'T JACK RUBY. And there is nothing more telling about a person than his or her eyes. 

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