Saturday, November 4, 2017

Very cogent message here from Amy Joyce. 

You  make a point Ralph.  It's impossible for Ruby to be at Parkland hospital and inside the DPD at the same time.  Then there are the affidavits of 6-8 people stating that Ruby was at the Carousel Club from 1:45 to 4:00, mostly making phone calls regarding the Club closing that night.  So that's a third location!

Seth Kantor was angry that the WC chose to believe Jack Ruby over his encounter with Ruby at Parkland.  But it wasn't just Ruby they were considering. Don Campbell, Billy Joe Willis, and John Newman reported that Ruby was still at the Dallas Morning News until 1:30 pm.  An employee at the Carousel Club (Andrew Armstrong) noted Ruby's arrival at the club at 1:45, and multiple witnesses (Wright, Grant, McDonald, Nichols, Paul, and Safran) as well as phone records have Ruby staying at the club until at least 4:00 pm. The WC was not just taking Ruby's word, but considering the witnesses of many others.

I regularly think back to the news reporter and Ruby lookalike who is an exact match for hallway Ruby.  No doubt that is the man people have confused with Ruby, purposely or not.  As you have maintained from the beginning, if Jack Ruby was involved in the assassin of JFK or the Oswald murder, he maintained an overly concerned with his business and employees. 

PS. The WC determined that Kantor likely confused the hospital encounter with another he had with Ruby at the DPD late Friday night. 

Amy Joyce

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