Sunday, November 5, 2017

Well, I have been reading Dr. Earl Rose's autopsy report on Oswald, and he said that the course of the wound was from left to right and backward. He never used the word "upward."  The bullet notched the undersurface of the 7th rib at the costochondral junction (which is where it changes from cartilage to bone). The bullet penetrated the spleen and the stomach; it went through the greater curvature of the stomach.

Wait, I see it now. That interviewer had it backwards. The bullet didn't go upward. It went downward. 

So, where it says "nipple" below "Left" that is about where the bullet went in. So, it went through the spleen, then the stomach. Then it went through the right kidney and liver. Then, it fractured the 11th rib and settled under the skin until the cut it out. But, if the bullet entered at the 7th rib, and settled under the skin at the level of the 11th rib, then obviously, the course was DOWNWARD. Not upward: DOWNWARD. So, here's the deal:

Where you see the number 7 is where the bullet entered.
And where you see the white x below is where it settled. 

So, that path was definitely DOWNWARD. I would say several inches downward. So, the course of the bullet was left to right, anterior to posterior, and superior to inferior. 

Next, we have to look at the photographic evidence of how the garage shooter was pointing the gun. 

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