Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Wizard made this slow-motion gif of "Elevator Ruby" who, of course, was really James Bookhout.  Here's how the Wizard captioned it:

Here is a slow gif of the elevator impostor frames. Boyd and Hall lunge for the camera, and Bookhout turns his head toward to the right toward Boyd in response to the appearance of the cameraman.

Ralph Cinque: I remember it from the show. The implication is that it went from the crowded hallway, in which they were leading Ruby, the real Ruby, through the door, to this. But, it is ridiculous. The scene by the elevator came much earlier, just two or three minutes after the garage shooting. And that guy is obviously NOT Jack Ruby. Now, here is something interesting on which to speculate: Looking at the time of him standing there, is he handcuffed or not?
Surely, all will agree that if he's NOT handcuffed at this point, then something is terribly wrong. Can you tell from looking whether he's handcuffed? 

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