Friday, August 30, 2019

A young American serviceman got killed in Afghanistan yesterday. He had a pregnant wife and daughter back in Idaho. And apparently, Trump responded to it by saying that we are never getting out of there. And as expected, the Taliban responded by saying that either it's a complete withdrawal of all American and foreign troops, or it's war. 

So now, look at the corner that the Idiot Trump has painted himself into. Either he's got to hold his ground and let the negotiations collapse- after all that fanfare and popping of champagne corks OR he has to reverse course, agree to leave completely, renouncing what he just said, and appearing to submit to the Taliban like an mma fighter tapping out due to a rear naked choke. 

And you know, he's never going to do the latter, and therefore, the negotiations are done. And I hope to God they don't plan a 10th one because the rhetoric from the lapdog media is really getting nauseating. Repeating the same things, over and over and over again, interminably. It's disgusting.  

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