Friday, August 30, 2019

Dear Dr. Cinque,

The below picture was taken off a youtube video. I noticed the eyes of the shooter are artificially darkened. Have you noticed this before? I haven’t seen anywhere any comments about the eyes being artificially darkened- which seems to serve the purpose of hiding the identity of the shooter.
Thank you.
Lawrence Schulman 

Lawrence, I have written about this extensively.  You are right that his eyes were blackened out. I think that at the time, they were trying to imply that he was wearing sunglasses, but then, when they realized that Ruby had no sunglasses on him, they changed it to "shadow." But, that is ridiculous because every shadow is cast by an object, and there is no object that could cast such a shadow. 

That is definitely not Jack Ruby, nor is it the Garage Shooter, who was James Bookhout. That is a guy that they transformed into "Jack Ruby" by doing a massive amount of alteration to his face, ears, nose, and everything. It really is a photographic monstrosity. You can see that that man was quite tall. He was almost as tall as Blackie Harrison who was standing slightly in front of him and was very tall. The Garage Shooter was very short- the shortest man in the room. And we know that James Bookhout was a short man. 

This is an example of a very sad and pathetic lie that they tried to tell, and which they still own today, unfortunately for them. Thank you.

Ralph Cinque 

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