Saturday, August 24, 2019

For decades, people have been saying that Sirhan Sirhan was hypo-programmed and drugged, and I don't doubt that he was. But, in terms of how he looked, I think Jack Ruby looked worse, meaning, more dazed, more zombified, more out of it.  
Look how spaced-out Ruby looks on the right. That is a very weird expression for him to be having after killing a man and completely destroying his own life.  Do you realize that we have no oral statements from Ruby on 11/24? Cops said he said was talking up a storm, talking trash about Oswald, but we never hear him speak a word. Compare that to Oswald who was a chatterbox in the hallways. Ruby was inebriated. There was a local Dallas news report that said he was muttering incoherently after his arrest, but it never got repeated.  

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