Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pompeo repeated the mantra about not letting Afghanistan be used as a base for terror attacks against the United States. Let's get real about that, shall we?

Nobody in Afghanistan can do anything to terrorize the United States. They can talk about it from there because they can talk about anything anywhere. But, it's just lip-flapping.  Do you remember the old nursery rhyme, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never harm me"?  From Afghanistan, no one can do any harm to us. That's because: they're in Afghanistan. Whatever they might dream up, they could dream up anywhere. Even if we could make certain that no one in Afghanistan is plotting anything against the U.S., there are so many other places in the world where people can plot, that it's meaningless.

Here in Texas, we have a big problem with fire ants. You can put poison down, but they just move. They relocate. You've never done putting poison down. 

And like fire ants, if terrorists can't operate from Afghanistan to plot their attacks, then they'll go elsewhere to do it. Trying to control and stomp out terrorism by declaring one relatively small geographical location as the place that we can't let them plot from is just plain stupid- really stupid.  

So, what are they really doing when they talk this way? What they're really doing is just trying to rationalize the whole evil, monstrous, wicked war that we started. They're trying to make it sound like it actually had some moral sanctity.  It had none. And the whole claim is a lie. 9/11 was NOT hatched by Osama bin laden from a cave in Afghanistan. The whole claim is a vicious lie.

Oh, I tell you, it is a wicked world we live in, and when the spewings of authority are as false and fabricated as the spewings we are subjected to on a daily basis, it shows that the whole fabric of Society has completely lost touch with reality. Our leaders, like Pompeo, are like zombies. 


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