Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Do you realize the parallel between the Epstein case and the JFK assassination? Epstein conveniently committed suicide before he could have done major damage to the rich and powerful in this country, including political leaders. And Oswald conveniently got shot and killed by "Ruby" before he talked to a lawyer and destroyed the State's entire case against him to that lawyer. Oswald would have told the lawyer that he never ordered a rifle,  that he never posed for a picture, that he never went to Mexico City, and that he was standing in the doorway during the motorcade. And I guarantee you that the lawyer would have believed him.  The lawyer would have known the questions to ask to test Oswald's honesty, and he would have known how to read him. And Oswald would have been an open book. He had nothing to hide. That  one session would have ended with the lawyer realizing two things: that Oswald was innocent, and that the State was framing him bigtime, and I mean criminally obstructing justice. And that's why they had to kill Oswald BEFORE he talked to an attorney. Not even once could they let him talk to an attorney. 

So, there are a lot of Americans who are cynical as hell about being told that Epstein hung himself. They snicker. They shake their heads. And it's twice in a row! First  Debra Palfry when she had dirt on the sex defiance of the high and mighty and now Epstein. 

So, I am asking the same people who snicker at the Epstein  case to take the same attitude about Jack Ruby. To authorities, he was like a blessing that fell out of the sky. He was a Godsend. Except he didn't just come along. They put him there. And I don't mean in the garage. He wasn't in the garage. That was James Bookhout pretending to be him. Ruby showed u p early, earlier than reported, and he went down that ramp and was jumped upon and dragged up to the 5th floor. He believed them when they told him he shot Oswald because JACK RUBY WAS NOT RIGHT IN HIS HEAD. Please believe me.    

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