Saturday, August 3, 2019

In Trump's account of the aborting of the Iran strike, he said that upon being briefed about the mission, he asked the general what the death toll would be, and he was told 150. So, rather than kill 150 Iranians, he called off the mission, since it was intended as a response to an action without resulted in no casualties- just the loss of a machine. 

However, a retired general disputed Trump's account, stating that he would have been briefed about the expected casualties from the mission automatically, and from the start, without having to ask.

So, let's take the general at his word. Therefore, it means that George W. Bush was briefed about the expected casualties from the launching of the war on Iraq in 2003. 

I don't know what numbers they gave him. I suspect they were less than the horrific numbers that occurred, with over a million Iraqis dead and over 5000 US soldiers dead. But still, they had to be bad. 

So, upon hearing them, why didn't it give him pause? And especially since he knew full well that Saddam Hussein posed no real threat to the United States, as we found out yesterday.

And what about that pharmaceutical salesman turned warrior Donald Rumsfeld? We know that he was given projections about expected casualties. Every bombing run in which the expected casualties were 50 or greater had to be approved by the Secretary of Defense. He had to sign off on them. Guess how many of those missions Rumsfeld approved? He approved 100% of them. 

What a terrible thing that the United States of America should become a culture of death, where we snuff out human lives as wantonly as we would step on a bug. But, I cling to the hope of seeing justice done. There is no statute of limitations on murder.      

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