Thursday, August 15, 2019

If you listen to Jack Ruby in his last interview, he tells you that he didn't shoot Oswald. And I'll break it down for you.

At 1:20 in the above tape, he said that as he approached the ramp, the officer on foot was leaning into the car talking to Lt. Sam Pierce "with his back to me." That could not have been Roy Vaughan because he was on the opposite side of the ramp, the Pearl Street side. Ruby was coming from Hardin. So, the officer he was talking about was on his side of the ramp. That's the only way he could have his back to Ruby. I am telling you that it was earlier than 11:18 that Ruby got  there. It may have been an hour earlier, and it was at least 45 minutes earlier. By the time the garage spectacle went down, Ruby was already being held on the 5th floor.  

Then, at 1:52 in the tape, he refers to the officer on food as "this other man." But, Ruby knew Roy Vaughan. Vaughan forgave a traffic violation for Ruby once, as a courtesy to a "friend of the Department." They had dealings another time over a complaint from an employee at Ruby's club. Ruby would not have forgotten him. So, the man Ruby saw with his back to him was another officer. 

Then at 2:20, Ruby said that upon reaching the bottom of the ramp, "before I knew it, the officers had me down on the ground."  Well, what about the part about him shooting Oswald? How, he had no memory of doing that? His lawyers tried to say he had "psychomotor epilepsy." Bull shit. His autopsy showed no signs of any kind of epilepsy. He had no memory of doing it because he didn't do it. 

Then, as his interviewer tried to pin him down, Ruby at 2:34, said that "it happened so fast that I can't remember what happened from the time I reached the bottom of the ramp and the time the officers got me on the ground." And several times he said that it was "all a blur."

But, that's bull shit too. NOTHING occurred between the time he reached the bottom of the ramp and the time the officers jumped him. That's the totality of what happened. He wasn't forgetting anything. That is all that happened. 

Then at the end, the interviewer asked about his health, and Ruby said nothing about having lung cancer. What he talked about was "rectal pain."

So, did he really have lung cancer? I doubt it. Ruby was killed, and it was because he won a new trial. They were not going to go through that again. Ruby's lawyers might have smartened up. They weren't going to take that chance. That was Ruby's death decree, his winning a new trial. 

There is a long introduction to the audio clip. The announcer said that Ruby had a light over his bed that burned 24 hours a day, even when he slept. It's more bull shit. Complete, total, utter bull shit. They tried to make Ruby comfortable.  He never had to mix with the general prison population. He has his own little apartment. His guards got him the newspaper and played cards with him. And Sheriff Bill Decker visited him once a week to make sure had everything he needed. It's not because Ruby was conspiring with them. He wasn't conspiring with anybody. Ruby didn't know a thing; not a damn thing. He was not right in his head. And think about that as you are listening to the tape, how simple and childlike he was. Like anybody would trust him to shoot somebody in a crowded space. Nothing could go wrong, eh?

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