Sunday, August 18, 2019

So, you know that the official story of Jeffrey Epstein hanging himself is a crock, right? I don't know if you think, as many do, that he was killed, or if you think that he was swifted out of the country, as many others do, but either way, they are lying to us about what happened. Why is the official story so hard to believe? It's because it was so extremely fortunate and lucky for the rich and powerful people he was going to take down, and I don't believe in luck at that level. When some poor person wins the lottery, that's luck. But, when a highly untenable thing happens- that the Metropolitan Correctional Center was unable, out of sheer incompetence, to keep Jeffrey Epstein from taking his own life, then I say no: I don't buy it. 

And it's good that so many Americans are rejecting the official story about Jeffrey Epstein. But now, let's look back again at Oswald and his killing. It wasn't suicide, of course; but  murder. But, the official story of how it happened is EXACTLY the same. You only have to substitute "Dallas Police Department" for "Metropolitan Correction Center." So, even though the MCC knew that Epstein was a suicide risk, and even though they had decades of experience being prepared for suicide prevention, in this case they failed, and likewise, even though the Dallas Police had reportedly received OVER 100 PHONE CALLS from people threatening Oswald's life, they still couldn't protect him, and he was shot the moment he walked out the door. 

So, both stories are EQUALLY untenable. Do you agree? In Epstein's case, there are two alternative scenarios; one that he was murdered and the other that he was sped away under cover. At this point in time, I am open to both. But, what about in Oswald's case? 

Well, people haven't done as well for him. They've accepted the official story that Jack Ruby shot him. They 'll tell you that they saw him do it on television. They saw somebody do it, but if they would just look closely and compare features, they would realize that the shooter was not Jack Ruby. But, the result of it has been that the alternative scenario has come to be that Jack Ruby did it, but he was put up to it, either by the Mafia or the CIA or both. 

And it's ridiculous because this wasn't a situation where he was going to shoot Oswald from a distance and then get away, or at least have a chance of getting away. It meant shooting Oswald up close in a swarm of police and being immediately captured. And after that, his life was essentially over. He lost everything. What  happened to Jack Ruby was WORSE than if he had put the gun to his head after shooting Oswald. (I'm speaking theoretically here because I know he didn't shoot Oswald.) But, he had no life after that at all; none worth living, and he would have known t hat beforehand. So, what could they have threatened him with to make him willing to destroy his whole life?  

Well, the story goes that they threatened to kill his sister. There is no evidence for that. There isn't a speck of evidence for it. It's just a hypothetical that somehow became a fact. But, I have a sister, and I love her very much. And if someone ordered me to kill someone or else he will kill my sister, this is what I would do: I would immediately go to the police and demand that they arrest him because it is a crime to make such a threat. Then I would go to my sister and her husband and explain the situation of what happened, and together, we would figure out what to do to protect her and keep her safe. And knowing my sister, I know she wouldn't hold it against me for not proceeding with the murder. 

And I'll add that if such a threat were made, I would take it very seriously, but the fact is that it's unlikely anyone would go through with it. It's a lot of trouble to kill someone, and the actual benefit to the Mob guy or the CIA guy from killing mine or Ruby's sister  would not just be small- it would be non-existent. So, for Ruby to actually go through with killing Oswald because of such a threat, he would have to be completely out of his mind. That kind of thing is much more typical of Mafia movies and  Mafia novels than real life. 

And if the threat was to kill Ruby himself unless he shot Oswald, he should have said, "Then go ahead and kill me now because my life will be over if I do what you want. I might as well die right now and make it easy on myself." 

And if Ruby shot Oswald because of a threat, from anyone, then whoever made the threat would have to kill him right away. How could they trust him to keep his mouth shut? How could they sleep at night knowing that at any time, he could sing like a canary? They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. 

Ruby wasn't in cahoots with anybody. If he was, he never would have  seen the month of December 1963. He would have gone the way of Jeffrey Epstein, although in Ruby's case, we can be 100% certain they would have killed him. You know: he died trying to escape; he was killed by another inmate; he got food poisoning; he had a heart attack: or, that tired old refrain: he hung himself in his cell. The fact that Jack Ruby lived for 3 years should tell you that he didn't know anything, and he had nothing on nobody. So, why'd they kill him after 3 years? Because: he won a new trial. Somebody said, "Fuck this shit; we ain't going through it again."  If he hadn't won a new trial, he probably would have lived until he was executed, and it might have been a few years. So, from his standpoint, it's a shame he won a new trial.

So, NOBODY threatened Jack Ruby with anything. There is no evidence for that, and there is no reason why you should believe it. Jack Ruby was a basket case, and he was manipulated into going to that garage. He got there earlier than 11:18, much earlier, and his description of what he saw at the top of the ramp conflicts with what Roy Vaughan said. And think about it:  Roy Vaughan was a strapping 29 year  old police officer guarding an 8 foot wide ramp. DO YOU REALLY THINK JACK RUBY GOT PAST HIM? That's the official story. 

No, Ruby got there early-before Vaughan was assigned to guard the ramp. Ruby went down the ramp, and I'm sure he was coaxed to. And there, the cops jumped him. He didn't know why they were jumping him, and he said so. "What  are you doing? You know me. I'm Jack Ruby. I'm not some criminal." That's what he said when they were pouncing on him. Now, the shooter at the televised spectacle never said anything and reporters reported that he said nothing. But, Ruby spoke during his melee. And then they dragged him up to the 5th floor and kept him there until it was time to weave him into the story. 

That is really what happened. I am 1000% sure, and I hope you believe me. And listen, while I have your attention: I know I am a very polarizing person, where people either respect me or they despise me. But, if what I've said makes sense to you, and you respect me,  then I hope you will listen to what I say about the wars. I mean the post-9/11 wars. Most Americans have never faced, even to themselves, how monstrous these wars have been. The death toll alone is monstrous. It's in the millions. It's at least 2 million dead since 9/11, but it may be much more than that. Gideon Polya,  an Australian academic places the death toll several times higher. You know the war on Iraq was based on lies, yet that war killed  600,000 Iraqis by 2006, and that's according to Johns Hopkins University researchers. By 2000, it was over a million dead Iraqis, according to Johns Hopkins and the Physicians for Social Responsibility. 

And if you're like me and reject the official story of 9/11, (and there is every bit as much reason to reject it as there is to reject the Jeffrey Epstein story) then you know that the invasion of Afghanistan was not justified, and that war is still raging today after 18 years. And in reality, there is NO END IN SIGHT. Oh, they spin a lot of blather about the negotiations with the Taliban, and by the way, they are paying the Taliban to negotiate. But, the truth is: it has gone nowhere. The Taliban has made it very clear that they will not work with the current Afghan government, that it  has to dissolve. But, the U.S. keeps saying the Taliban is going to concede on that and start working with them to where they are all singing Kumbaya.. It will never happen. So, there is still no end in sight to the Afghanistan War. 

So, in my anguish,  I made a movie which decries the killing of innocents in the post-9/11 wars. And if you agree with me that for the world's only superpower to attack impoverished 3rd world countries is a crime against humanity, then I think you will enjoy my movie. I think you'll enjoy it for its message, but also in the way that you enjoy any movie,  because it is very riveting. But, if you are gung-ho for the U.S. Military and think the post-9/11 wars were grand and glorious, then please don't watch my movie. You won't enjoy it. You won't have fun. And I don't want your $4. Because: maybe we can agree on other things. So, only watch my movie if you agree that the U.S. wars on Iraq and Afghanistan were wars of aggression, based on lies, and deserving severe denouncement and condemnation. If you agree with that, then please watch my film because it is a rip-roaring tale.

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