Saturday, May 31, 2014

About the Towner Mother and Baby, it's obvious that they are there alone, so how did they get to Dealey Plaza?

If somebody were with them, like the father, we'd see him, right? So, how did they get there? Did she drive them there in a car? I don't think so. Car restraints for babies were hardly available at all in 1963. Here's an article about it: 

Did they take the bus? Well, she couldn't have brought a baby carriage onto a bus. Remember, babies need stuff, stuff you have to take with you: food, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc. Do you think she settled for a bag? But wait. If she had no carriage (and we don't see one) and she carried a bag, then it means she would have had to carry the baby in one arm and the bag in the other- all the way the whole distance from whenever she started. Who in their right mind would be that reckless with a baby? Most people have enough sense to use two hands to hold a baby AT ALL TIMES. Yet, she's standing there, alone with a baby, holding it in one arm, while she waves continuously at the President.

The truth is that the ONLY way she could have had any practical means to accomplish this was if she lived near Dealey Plaza, and she could start out from her house on foot with a baby carriage and just pushed it there with the baby in it. You involve ANY kind of motorized transportation, and she can't do it alone. Not a car, not a bus, not a cab, not a train. Nothing. Forget about it. 

So, what are the odds that she lived within walking distance of Dealey Plaza? The odds are so slim, it's not worth considering. The logistics of her being there at that spot at that time, alone with that baby, just don't work. 

And by the way, Robin Unger got it wrong. It's the other guy in a Fedora Hat who corresponds to the Jack Ruby figure in the Altgens photo, the one in front of the monument. 

It's the guy to our left, not the guy in the middle of the picture. Robin never was any good at this kind of  thing. 

The Towner Woman and baby are fake. They weren't there. They were added to the film after it was taken. And they weren't real at all. They didn't exist anywhere. They are techno-art. 

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