Saturday, May 31, 2014

No, Backes. It's not that she's holding him at all. It's that she's holding him with JUST ONE ARM and without the least bit of leaning, where she is holding him straight up, perfectly vertical, where he is parallel to her, and all his weight has to be sitting on her one arm. That's what I'm talking about.

He is not being held by anyone. He is standing. His anti-gravity reflexes are working. And they couldn't be if he was dangling in someone's arms.

You know, Backes, your buddy, or I should say: partner in crime, Hank Sienzant was smart enough to admit that the boy is definitely standing- on something. Hank suggested that he was standing on a car bumper- which is ridiculous because nobody could stand that straight on a car bumper, and I urged Hank to go out and try it. (And note that "Hank Sienzant" is as real a name as "Lance Uppercut".)  But, at least Hank gave in on an important point, that the boy is definitely standing.   

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