Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Dungeon Master is back, and now he's faulting me for calling the contrast we see on Doorman's shirt "haze and distortion." 

Well, don't forget "light reflection" because it was a very worn shirt with thin shiny areas that reflected the light, and some of the apparent contrast is light reflection. 

It is true that I deny that the contrast we see on Doorman's shirt was any kind of design pattern on the shirt. But, let's assume for a moment- just for the sake of argument- that it is, that a shirt manufacturer actually made a shirt with the pattern that is visible to us on Doorman's shirt. It is still NOT the pattern we see on Gorilla Man's shirt. His shirt is marked by discreet and distinct vertical and horizontal lines which cross, forming boxes. Harold Weisberg referred to the boxes as "checks", and he meant the same thing, boxes. Harold Weisberg told Mrs. Lovelady to her face (that is, over the phone) that Doorman's shirt has no checks. In fact, it doesn't even have any vertical lines. In fact, it doesn't even have any horizontal lines, at least, not any that correspond to what we see on Gorilla Man. Look at the two up-close.

There is no way you can construe talking points that will equate those two patterns. One is a vague, splotchy mess, while the other is a distinct, defined, geometric pattern. There is simply no correlation between the two.

And remember who Lance Uppercut is- besides being a sick fuck who celebrates cruel, sadistic torture.

He is also a guy with no knowledge whatsoever of human biomechanics and kinesiology.

Notice how Lance tries to match up the horizontal lines on Doorman's shirt with Lovelady's except that they aren't horizontal. He's got them going down diagonally, as if Doorman is standing like the woman on the left, with slanting shoulders yet a vertical head/neck. But, we know Doorman wasn't standing like that in the doorway because nobody would and nobody could. Below, I demonstrate what happens when you try to lean. You take your head along with you. 

Doorman wasn't leaning at all. His shoulder was cut off. Here's the complete Doorman on the right. 

Oswald was just standing there watching the motorcade like a normal person with his hands clasped in front of his body. And the proof of the pudding is that we can also see him doing it in the Wiegman film, which was taken at the same time. 

And notice that there is no pattern on his shirt at all. So, how could he be Lovelady? And look at that open sprawl. That was Oswald's sprawl. Lovelady didn't have it. 
That is a huge, gaping, open sprawl on the left. How could anyone thing that Gorilla Man was a match to it?

Lance Uppercut is a very stupid and ignorant man. And he is a bloodied man- from what he does in the dungeon and from what he does here in lying about the JFK assassination. He is very bloodied. 

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