Friday, May 30, 2014

Backass put up this image of Gorilla Man, although he refuses to call him that. Maybe he thinks that in this capture, he doesn't look like a gorilla. Yeah, he still does, Backes.

I put Backes' name there so that we don't lose track of the fact that Backes has approved this particular rendition. 

Now, let's compare him to FBI Lovelady:

I am keeping it relatively small because if I make it larger, Backes will say I distorted it. So, we note on the left that FBI Lovelady has a much more vertical forehead, whereas Gorilla Man on the right has a much more sloped forehead. The ski-slope forehead is one of the cardinal gorilla features; hence, his name. 

We also note that their ears are vastly different.

We note that Lovlady's neck is mostly vertical and longer while Gorilla Man's has a distinctly forward inclination and less length in his neck. He has a shorter neck. 

The guy on the right has got Forward Neck Syndrome; the guy on the left does not. 

Lovelady has got better hair coverage than Gorilla Man, who has more recession and a larger "lake" of baldness in the crown area. 

We are getting the impression of a much thicker, more prominent chest on Gorilla Man than on Lovelady. 

We note that Lovelady on the left has got a longer, more prominent nose than Gorilla Man and a better developed chin. 

Gorilla Man had longer hair in back, with a clean neck and a squared off line at the bottom in back as opposed to a more tapered cut on Lovelady. You can tell that they had different barbers who cut the hair differently in back. 

All in all, there is no doubt that even when we use the version of Gorilla Man that Backes likes, he is no match to Lovelady. 

Backes, you can't just say that he's Lovelady because you want him to be Lovelady. Reality doesn't give a shit about what you want- and neither do I.

Gorilla Man wasn't Lovelady- not the version that Joseph Backes says is right, not the version that Robin Unger says is right, and not any other version. He wasn't Lovelady, period. But, he did look like a gorilla. So, Gorilla Man he remains- even your version of him, Backes. And if you don't like it, then take it out on one of your proscenium arches. 

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