Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backes, you haven't debunked anything. And, the Altgens photo is one of the most grossly altered photos there has ever been. Dr. David Wrone said so in his 2003 book, calling it "crudely altered." That's putting it mildly. 

Here is the Anomalies page of the OIC website which lists 7 alterations in and around the doorway.

And let's remember that the number of alterations that I need to prove is exactly one. If they altered that photograph even one time, it proves corruption, fraud, and vice. But, all 7 are solid as a rock, not only not debunked but never seriously challenged. 

What have you debunked, Backes??? NOTHING! All you've done is shown that your mind is bunk. You're an ignoramus. You still haven't found the image of the "other African-American" you claim was there. And, you're too stupid to realize that you can't make the claim without the image. And falling back on a letter from a guy who thinks Umbrella Man used his umbrella as a gun to shoot a flechette at JFK is just plain stupid. You and Richard E. Sprague are of like mind and like derangement. 

Here's a letter I just received from a supporter:

From: Nelson Loftin.
Sent: Sat 5/31/14 3:37 PM
To: Dr. Ralph Cinque

Dr. Cinque:

I think you're doing an excellent job on your blog at debunking the fake photos and videos. The truth, as the saying goes, supports itself (to a degree) simply by virtue of being true. If these pics and videos are all genuine, why are the Ops going nuts?


Meanwhile, you resort to calling Oswald-accusers, "Sir". How pathetic. And despicable. And all along, the idea of Oswald being in the doorway doesn't bother you a bit. 

Backes, I couldn't care less about being banned from JFK forums. I consider it a badge of honor. I'm well-liked by the people I respect and I am despised by the people I detest, and that is fine by me. Hey, I'm all about fighting- any which way I have to- in order to win this. When I have letters of thanks from David Wrone and Vincent Salandria and Mark Lane and others- as I do- I know that I am faithfully serving the cause of JFK truth. I am A-OK with my reputation, so don't you worry about it. You worry about your own reputation because it is in shambles. You are a laughing stock, a clown, and a buffoon. And, you happen to be a very stupid man, which everyone knows. 

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